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“We teach women self-care principles and how to discover
her true beauty through freedom in Christ.”

~Terrie McNeil

About Soul Beautiful

Soul Beautiful, Inc., Is a non-profit 501(c) (3) and that exists for the soul purpose of reaching women who are experiencing (or have experienced) difficult and challenging circumstances. 


We treat women to a special time of being loved and cared for through The Soul Beautiful Experience and education in self care. Most all services will take place in the salon environment at That Hair Place, in Baldwinsville, NY.  Each experience is tailored to the needs of the woman who receives these services.


We remind women their worth and value goes far beyond any circumstances they are in. The Soul Beautiful Experience allows time for the women to relax, unwind and breathe a little easier while they receive complimentary services that will help them find success and peace in their present journey.

Our Story:

Soul Beautiful started in the heart of a young girl who spent her adolescence watching her mother battle cancer. During this challenging season of her life, our founder, Terrie McNeil, learned the meaning of beauty through her mother's strength. The generosity of friends and neighbors who helped her family showed Terrie the beauty of a generous spirit. At Soul Beautiful, we believe that the power of kindness, love, and affirmation of value have the ability to heal the broken parts of a women's soul. 


About Our Founder, Terrie McNeil

Terrie is a wife, a mother, an owner and stylist at That Hair Place in Baldwinsville, New York. Throughout her forty year career,  she has seen the benefit of her creativity and the impact it has on the soul of a woman. Terrie learned soul truths about life, confidence, and beauty through the trials she endured in her own life. In her years behind the chair, she realized that every woman is beautifully broken in some way. Terrie’s heart for helping women see beyond the circumstances they are in has given her purpose and the vision to launch Soul Beautiful, Inc., with the hope of making a difference one beautiful soul at a time.

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