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“I've learned how to get past the pain of the struggle in
in order to get to the purpose of it.”
~Terrie McNeil

F A Q's

Q. Who Can be Nominated for Soul Beautiful Services?
A. Any women who is  weary, broken or hurting from her personal life circumstances. View guidelines here.

Q. If I am nominating a deserving woman, Can I tell her about the surprise? 
A.  We suggest to keep it a surprise because most women will turn down the nomination if they know about it in advance because they believe someone else would deserve it more.. 


Q. Can I nominate someone for a Soul Beautiful Experience that I don’t know very well?
A. YES, but it's very difficult to nominate someone you barely know.  In order to make this a very personal experience, we will need all the information requested on the nomination form. We will ask additional questions on our phone consultation with you, the nominator. If you don’t know this person well, don’t give up! We can always find someone who knows her well and suggest they nominate her for this experience.

Q. Can I nominate myself?
A. Yes you can! There are several services listed that you can apply for and possibly be chosen for our next experience!

Q. Can I pay to receive the Soul Beautiful experience for myself? 
A. Unfortunately, no. These services are not for sale, but a gift to the women being nominated.

Q. Does it cost anything to nominate a woman for Soul Beautiful services? 
A. There is NO CHARGE to nominate yourself or another deserving woman.


Q. What can I expect to happen once you select the nomination I submitted?
A. You will receive notification by email, phone or text that your nomination has been selected. We will need approximately 15 minutes of your time for a phone consultation and we will determine together what type of experience will best fit the nominee. We will go over the entire process and guide you along the way.  


Q. Who performs the Soul Beautiful services and where are they performed? 
A. The services are provided for by New York State licensed professionals who volunteer their time. All services are performed at That Hair Place Baldwinsville, NY.


Q. How is the Soul Beautiful Experience Free of Charge? 
Primarily the cost of services are funded through the sale of donated items in the You’re Soul Beautiful Boutique located within That Hair Place salon in Baldwinsville, New York. We also take donations online. Donate now.

Q. How much time does it take for a Soul Beautiful Experience?

A. Each experience is unique and custom tailored to the woman receiving it. All questions regarding length of time will be addressed in the consultation process.

Q. Can we bring in refreshments to a Soul Beautiful Experience?

A. Each Soul Beautiful Experience is unique and refreshments are served based on the experience that is chosen.These details will be discussed during the consultation process.

Q. What is the “You’re Soul Beautiful Boutique”?
It is a boutique within the salon (That Hair Place, Baldwinsville, NY)  We sell (new or gently used) purses and accessory items that have been donated by family, friends and clients for the sole purpose of raising funds to benefit Soul Beautiful, Inc. and the Soul Beautiful experience.

Q. How can I participate in A Soul Beautiful Experience as a professional hairstylist, aesthetician, massage therapist or makeup artist?

A. On the Volunteer page, click the link for Professional Services and complete the form. We will respond to you within 48 hours.


Q. How can I donate to the You're Soul Beautiful Boutique? 
A.  You can complete this form or email the boutique to schedule a time to drop off the items you’d like to donate.

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