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“Confidence is the most generous gift

one woman can give to another.”

~Terrie McNeil

How to nominate a woman for the Soul Beautiful Experience

To nominate a woman you believe would benefit from the Soul Beautiful experience, simply click the link below.


Eligibility Guidelines:


Who Can be Nominated for Soul Beautiful Services?


The categories listed are eligibility requirements for consideration of a nomination.
These are simply guidelines with the understanding that all nominations will be taken into consideration.


She has been diagnosed with a debilitating condition.


She has struggled with domestic issues such as divorce, domestic violence,

relocation- far from family and friends, military, life choices or other traumatic events.


She has lost a spouse, child, parent or close friend.


She is the main caregiver for a spouse, child or parent with a debilitating illness.


She is in recovery from an addiction. She is concerned by a family member with an

addiction issue.


She has been the victim of a sexual assault or other crime.


She has a career where the needs of others take precedence over her own needs. For example, law enforcement, fire fighter, Emergency Medical Technician, physician, nurse, teacher, social worker, counselor or minister.