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“True beauty  is not what we put on, but what we put out.”
~Terrie McNeil

What to Expect

The Soul Beautiful Experience is designed to provide a comforting, soothing, and safe environment for women to begin to heal. Her comfort is our priority. We provide as much peace and quiet or socialization as she prefers and we are continually mindful of her individual needs.


Each woman will receive Soul Beautiful services designed for her specific needs, a personalized gift bag, and practical instructions to encourage her to continue her self care at home.

What to expect at your Soul Beautiful Experience

  • When our special guest arrives, she will be warmly greeted as the lead stylist introduces herself. 

  • If this is a surprise experience, we will tell her that she has been nominated for a Soul Beautiful Experience, who nominated her and why they felt she was deserving of this experience.

  • We will ask her permission to go ahead with our plan. Upon agreeing, we will ask her to sign a form giving us permission to provide her with a very special experience.

  • We continue with the pre-selected service(s) in a tranquil environment where she can relax, take in a deep breath and just receive being loved on and pampered for the time she is with us.

  • Throughout the experience, we are attentive to her needs both physically and emotionally. We verbally affirm who she is and the value we see in her.

  • To Complete her experience, she leaves with a small gift bag of items that encourage self-care at home.

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   Menu of Soul Beautiful Services


    Hair Styling (all services)

    Smoothing Treatments

    Cut, Color, Highlights





    Self Care Education

    Personal Clothing Stylist



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