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April Showers Bring May Flowers

You know the old saying “April Showers Bring May Flowers” but what happens when the showers turn to rainstorms that seem to never end and you’re still waiting for things to bloom? In Central New York we’ve actually changed the saying to “April Showers May Bring Flowers” because we’re doubtful we’ll ever see the sun! One of the local weather stations call themselves “The Storm Team” and we’ve been living up to that name because it has been a cold and rainy spring here! Even today while I was working, I looked out the big window watching people walk by wearing hoodies and carrying umbrellas… in June!

You can’t help but notice how the landscape appears dreary and desperately in need of a touch of color! The never-ending rain makes everything seem overcast, like our own personal storm cloud is following us everywhere we go. But just like in springtime, we need to be patient as our personal storms have their way because they serve a deeper purpose in the landscape of our lives. The problem is waiting for the rainstorms to end – And who wants to wait? Not me! When things aren’t going the way I want, I can get impatient and even hopeless at times. But I’m learning to be patient through the stormy seasons, so that the landscape of my life will begin to bloom – because I’ve learned that I cannot have a beautiful array of flowers in my life if I don’t allow the rainy season to have it’s way in me.

Make no mistake about it a rainstorm is not a sprinkle – it can be overwhelming at times and do a lot of damage! Recently I ran into former rainstorm (or should I say a hurricane) who hurt me deeply, I can honestly say the damage done was one of the worst storms I’ve ever experienced – And that’s saying a lot considering I lost my husband to cancer. But unlike the cancer, this storm was a choice and I experienced a lot of pain and loss that I’m still working through to this day.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you ever experienced a hurt so deep that you could barely breathe? You know that place when you cry so hard that you can hardly catch your breath? Someone you loved or trusted cut you so deep emotionally that you didn’t know how you would go on? – That’s the kind of pain I’m talking about.

So what do you do when your April Showers turn into a rainstorm? Here are three things I’ve put into practice that have helped me cope with the storms I’ve faced and I know it will benefit you too, as you apply them to your life.

Make a Choice To Forgive. If the rainstorm you’re in was caused by another person’s bad choices, don’t wait another moment, Choose to forgive them. It will free you – when you forgive them.

Don’t Quit! Make the decision to keep going. Even if the storm has shut down the power, flooded your home or even leveled it…. There is always hope in the middle of the mess! Begin Today by Saying: I am not giving up!

Be Patient. While these storms are not fun, they do help the landscape to grow and develop. Who am I to know when enough rain is enough rain? Only God knows how much rain is needed to make our lives bloom. We just need to wait out the rain and purpose ourselves to look for (and enjoy) the beautiful array of colors as they begin to bloom….

and remember you are Soul Beautiful –

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