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The Freedom of Friendships

Figuring out how to love your life can be difficult, especially when things are challenging us in ways we’d rather not be challenged. I know this from personal experience and I’ve learned some things that have helped me in my own uphill battles, things I know can help you, too.

Finding the right people to surround yourself with is key to a successful, happy life. You need people in your corner, celebrating who you are and the journey you’re on.

Stay with me for a moment, because you may be thinking, I’m not on a path that I can celebrate! For the sake of understanding what it means to celebrate you, let me share my definition: to remember, acknowledge, commemorate, observe, love and honor a person. Do you have anyone in your life who sounds like what I just described?

It almost sounds like a memorial celebration. Why do we wait until their life is over to celebrate someone? It doesn’t have to be that way! Maybe you’re not in an uphill battle right now – then look around you. There’s always someone who needs to be acknowledged, remembered or honored. But if you’re the one who has the need, pay close attention to who’s in your corner and what they are saying. Many times the pain we’re in can tune out the voice of another who is saying “You can do it! You’ll make it to the other side! You’re going to be just fine.”

When we allow ourselves the freedom to be celebrated by others, we find freedom we never expected.

  • Freedom from fear because the love of another was used to break through the fear.

  • Freedom from depression because the overflowing joy of another eased our burden.

  • Freedom from chaos because the inner peace of another calmed our soul.

  • Freedom from rage because the patience of another steadied our heart.

  • Freedom from isolation because the goodness of another stayed close by our side.

  • Freedom from poverty because the faithfulness of another’s sacrifice helped.

  • Freedom from abuse because the gentleness of another helped heal our wounds.

  • Freedom from addictive behaviors because another’s self controlled life helped to free ours.

We all have something to share with someone who needs a little more than an exchange of goods. (You know what I mean: how are you? Good… And you? Good.)

Take some time today to thank the people who exchanged more than their “goods” with you and didn’t wait for your memorial service to express a deep sense of value for you. They are the ones who held your hand, set you straight and loved you when you were unlovable. And if you find yourself on the other side of an uphill battle, use your experience to help someone else get through their struggles. Because we all need someone who will remind us of our worth, give us a reason to keep going and help us learn to love the life we’re living.

My life has been profoundly affected by the people who have taken the time to invest into my life. I’m thankful they didn’t wait for my memorial service to celebrate me, to speak into my life and to love me exactly where I was at, with no pressure of hurrying me along in the process. I am so glad someone knew I was #soulbeautiful.

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